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Margarette Hampton

A Council Legend Retires

The Southeastern Carpenters family joins together to honor one of our Council's pillars: Miss Margarette Hampton, Main Council Office Manager.†Miss Margarette retires this month after 30 years with the Southeastern Carpenters. Her time is highlighted by working closely and growing with two of our Council's ESTs from the time they assumed office: Larry Phillips and Tom Jenkins.†Basing her career in Augusta, Miss Margarette began her work with Local 283 with Larry Phillips and followed him as his assistant when he became EST. When Mr. Phillips retired, Miss Margarette assumed the same role with the new EST, Tom Jenkins.

There are many things Miss Margarette will be remembered for, including her coordination of Council Delegate and Staff meetings, being the Council's ace proofreader, and taking lead roles in four consecutive UBC Conventions to ensure SECRC's presence was perfect. And, her self-taught computer skills made her the "go-to" person for help.

Miss Margarette has been married to Mike for 53 years. She is a mother of three - Amy, Aaron, and Tim - and the granmother of six boys: Tyler, Brandon, Joshua, Carter, Logan, and Parker. From what we hear, she intends to work around the house, spend more time with Mike, and wait for great grandkids!

Here are special messages to Miss Margarette from various SECRC family members....

Council President

Miss Margarette, I canít thank you enough for years of keeping me and the rest of the executive officers on-point with detailed agendas for council and other meetings. You always made sure we were all buttoned-up and prepared to conduct business efficiently and effectively. You clearly made us look good and perform our duties well. Without you, we certainly wouldíve had challenges in staying organized! On a personal note, I will never forget our wonderful experience at the International Training Center for Financial Secretary training. Our groupís time together is one of my fondest memories of our relationship. You will be missed and always cherished as being the backbone of our Council. Happy retirement!†- Meddy Settles, Council President

Council Bookkeeper

I have worked with Margarette for over 17 years and consider her one of the most dedicated, tenacious, and tough employees I know. You definitely want her on your side! Her dedication is reflected in the number of years she has worked for the carpenters (at the local and regional level) and the respect she had for her employer whom she would warmly refer to as ďboss manĒ. Margarette seemed to thrive on solving problems. She wasnít scared of diving in to figure something out. She faced some tough health issues along the way, but always seem to bounce back and return to work doing what she loved. I think she loved coming to work most days. I remember attending the UBC convention in Vegas with her. She wanted me to see some of the famous hotels like Caesars, Venetian etc. We set out walking here, there, and everywhere. I was surprised at her stamina. Again, when she sets her mind to something, there is no getting in the way! A funny note about Margarette is that she sneezed every day and a lot Ė I think she holds the council record for most consecutive sneezes! Kidding aside, Margarette is a one-of-a-kind person with a wealth of knowledge gained from many years of service with the Carpenters Union. She will be missed, but I hope she has some fun times ahead in retirement.† - Evalin Daniel, SECRC Bookkeeper

Satellite Council Office Manager

Margarette: You're a well-deserving woman with a heart of gold. Here's to your success and new adventures! Congratulations on your retirement!!†- Nickie Denning, Satellite Council Office Manager

Atlanta Organizing Director and Council Trustee

I had the pleasure of working with Miss Margarette both in the Augusta office and here in the Atlanta. She is one of the most honest and sincerest ladies that I have ever worked with. I have a lot of admiration for her computer wizardry and ability to find solutions to all my technical inquiries. I also have a profound respect for her Christian faith, her love and devotion to her Church, her husband, and their children and grandchildren. I wish her great happiness in her well-deserved retirement and hope that all of her wishes are fulfilled in the coming years. Thank you for your many years of faithful service to our Council. Have a wonderful and blessed retirement, Miss Margarette (and yes, I borrowed your tag line)! - Bo Garrett, Council Trustee and Atlanta Organizing Director

Local 50

Margarette, thank you for all of your help over the past three years! Youíre the one we go to for all our questions that we should probably know the answers to. Hope you have a wonderful retirement! Hope to still hear from you! - Billy McCall, Local 50 Council Representative, and Chelsea Smith, Local 50 Office Manager

Local 74

Miss Margarette, your years of experience will be missed. You were instrumental in helping me learn the protocols of the SECRC after the merger. Thank you for all your help and you will be missed. - Rodney D. Graham, Local 74 Council Representative

Local 223

I have known Miss Margarette for many years, working together at the General Conventions, conferences and personify training. Prior to one of the Conventions, Miss Margarette had recently had some surgery, but she still traveled to Vegas and made herself available to work and assist everyone in our District's delegation all while zipping around on a knee scooter. Itís hard enough to travel and get through an airport without any obstacles, so just to know she traveled and made that trip shows true dedication. Thank you for your many years of service and dedication. On behalf of Local Union 223, we all wish you a Happy Retirement.†- Michelle Chance, Local 223 Office Manager, and Local 223 Council Representatives Matt Boner and Richie Brandon

Local 225

Dear Miss Margarette, here at Local 225 we wish you nothing but the best in your retirement. We thank you for the years of dedicated service to the UBC and the professionalism you displayed every day. You will be missed!†- The Staff of Local 225

Local 256

Miss Margarette, you have been one of the strongest and steadiest forces in our Regional Council for years. We knew we could always count on you to help with whatever we needed and that was such a great asset to our operations. Thank you for everything and please enjoy your retirement! - Meddy Settles, Council Representative and the Staff of Local 256

Local 283

Miss Margarette, thank you for all your years and dedication. Your grammar and spelling is above reproach! We wish you the best and we will miss you. Donít be a stranger. Youíre invited to all our Christmas dinners! We will be expecting you! And leave your cell number in case we have Personify questions (hahaha) - Dan Morris and Don Solki, Local 283 Council Representatives, and Pat Garner, Local 283 Office Manager

Local 312

From your friends at Charlotte Local 312: We appreciate all your dedication and help through out the years you served the council, thank you, Miss Margarette. We will miss you! - The Staff of Local 312

Local 318

Miss Margarette, thanks for all the hard work you have done for so many years for this great Council. Local 318 wishes you well for many happy years to come with your retirement. - Martha Little, Local 318 Office Manager, and Lloyd Hicks, Local 318 Council Representative.

Local 345

Me being a new Council Representative and Nara being a new Office Manager, we would like to thank you for all the help you have provided for us. If you didnít have the answer right then we didnít have to wait long for you to get the answer. I would also like to thank you for the free punctuation and spelling lessons you provided when we were sending the local bylaws back and forth trying to get them ready for approval. Best wishes to you! - Jeremy Tallent, Local 345 Council Representative and Nara Morales, Local 345 Office Manager

Local 1209

Miss Margarette, thanks for your hard work over the years. We wish you many years of good health and happiness during your retirement. - Local 1209 Council Representative Tim Burns and Local 1209 Office Manager Donna Hickman

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