Southeastern Carpenters



Congratulations to Our Newest Member Leaders!

We are proud to present a group of dedicated union carpenters who recently completed their 3rd Year Apprentice Leadership Training, an important program presented by the United Brotherhood of Carpenters' Department of Education. In this training, apprentices learn how professionalism, productivity, skill, and attitude contribute to their success, and to the success of the contractors who employ them. They also gain a greater understanding of the UBC, industries served, and the important role they play for both.

Congratulations to: (Atlanta Local 225) Rhonda Adlam, Cory Burroughs, Jose Cisneros, Jason Dean, Tony Diaz, Jean Hilaire, Nathanael Kathrein, Valery Kude, Desmond Lakes, Cruz Mejia, Kenneth Reid; (Savannah Local 256) Latanja Black, Sean Pressburg, Mathew Priesand, Michelle Smith; (Augusta Local 283) Marcus Amick, Brave Boatwright, Blake Craig, Michael Dent, Brandon Hampton, John Holbrooks; and (Charlotte Local 312) Sidney Ellis, Venecia Guance, Ernest Nunes, Jareli Lopez.

We look forward to seeing each and every one of you excel and lead on the jobsite and in the Union Hall!