Southeastern Carpenters



Council Welcomes its Newest Group of Jobsite Leaders

Congratulations to the following men and women who successfully completed the UBC's journeyman leadership development program! The "UBC Journeymen: Building Leadership for a Strong Future" training helps journeymen develop leadership, mentoring, coaching, and communication skills, and learn to engage with newer members and lead by example, all while promoting positive work environments and productivity on the job:

Eric Aguirre, Jimmy Akridge, Ahmad Bacon, Charles Beavers, Kenneth Benefield, Matthew Benthal, John Bentley, Carl Steven Bowers, Moses Bradshaw, Wesley Britton, Clayton Carrell, Mario Carrera, Gregory Carswell, Michael Cookson, Luis Corona, Jay Davis, Charles Drury, Miguel Espinoza, Dustin Ethridge, Bert Ference, Christopher Ference, Willard Gagnon, Salvador Garcia. Jose Garcia-anaya, Thomas Gray, Timothy Grayson, Michael Gustke, Clinton Harris, Richie Jones, Leland Landon, Thomas Lane, David Long, Rodney Lorick, Christopher Lowe, Jose Marquez, Ethan Maynard, Joshua McCauley, Dabid Mendoza, Gabriel Mendoza, Michael Lee Mobbs, Brandon Nunn, George Payne, James Robinson, Johnny Lee Salter, Neil Schuman, Dusty Lee Self, Rusty Self, Daniel Skelton, Kenneth Standridge, Joseph Still, Roy Weatherford, Lawrence Williams, and Benjamin Williamson.

Here's a list of all of our Journeymen and Apprentice Leaders.

Great job, everyone!

SECRC Leaders joined fellow UBC members from the Florida and Mid-South Councils in their training at the International Training Center