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Georgia Members: We Need Your Vote in this Runoff Election

The Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council's policy is to support any candidate who supports carpenter family issues. This policy has yielded positive results in supporting both Republicans and Democrats. It continues today and is reflective of our members.

The SECRC asks our members from Georgia to return to the polls for a run-off election for Georgia's Secretary of State. The election is on December 4, 2018, but early voting is currently underway, through November 30. Find your early voting locations and times in your county by clicking here.

The SECRC recommends John Barrow for Secretary of State, based on labor issues, because we believe John will best serve your interests as carpenters. Consider this:

- John Barrow has a record of supporting carpenter issues, especially TAX FRAUD through MISCLASSIFICATION OF WORKERS

- John Barrow voted in Congress for new and improved voter ID laws as recommended by the 9/11 commission

- John Barrow voted in Congress to renew the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which protected voting rights for all citizens

- John Barrow believes in making the voting process easier - not harder - to make your voice heard!

How you vote is a personal decision. The SECRC believes John Barrow would best represent our members. For more information, contact Brett A. Hulme, SECRC Political Director, at 404-293-3596.

Make your voice heard. Vote Tuesday, December 4, 2018!