Southeastern Carpenters



Labor Day 2021 Message from EST Jenkins

Hello Brothers and Sisters,


Perhaps no snapshot of time has been as trying on all of us as these past 18 months. This Labor Day, I want to offer a heartfelt thanks to all of our brothers and sisters for maintaining your professionalism and continuing to work hard and safe, despite the various obstacles before you.


Your work is done with excellence and it’s an honor to represent you. You’ve set an incredible example for those around you and those that will come after you, just like the UBC founding fathers did 140 years ago. Their fight for jobsite rights, better pay and benefits, and a better quality of life for union carpenters is alive today because of the product that a Southeastern Carpenter brings to a jobsite.


And so, on behalf of the Staff and Officers of the SECRC, we offer each of you the wish for a happy, restful, safe Labor Day!


Yours in Solidarity,

Tom Jenkins

SECRC Executive Secretary-Treasurer