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Members Urged to Take Online ICRA and COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification Courses

Eligible UBC members can now use the UBC International Training Fund's Learning Management System to take two online courses:  ICRA: Best Practices in Health-Care Construction and COVID-19 Preparedness Qualification.

UBC members who are trained in ICRA provide much needed expertise in this crisis to ensure that proper protocol is followed and proper containment measures are being taken.

In the COVID-19 course, members learn how to protect themselves, their fellow workers, and stop the spread of COVID-19.

Upon completion of either course and test, a member’s Training Verification Card (TVC) will list that training. 

Check out the information and registration details for these courses, here: You'll need a computer or tablet to take the course, and if you have trouble logging in, reach out to your Local Union to verify your email address. 

Registration Tips

Or, contact your Local Union's Council Representative and he or she will help you get started. Find your Representative by clicking here: