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Jared Allen, Victor White, Stephanie Vazquez, Richie Brandon, Alex Karalexis, Matt Boner

Nashville Carpenters Help Build a Home for a Wounded Warrior

Five-Time NFL Pro Bowler Jared Allen and his foundation, Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors (JAH4WW) along with their partners at the Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council and The Vega Corporation, are excited to announce the completion of a mortgage-free, 100-percent accessible home in Portland, Tennessee for a United States Army veteran, single-leg amputee and Purple Heart recipient: Sergeant retired Stephanie Vazquez. The home for SGT Vazquez is the first home built by JAH4WW in Tennessee.


SGT Vazquez was critically wounded while deployed in Afghanistan in 2011 during a routine patrol when her unit came under fire. Despite the loss of her left leg and dozens of surgeries, she maintains a “can’t hold me down” attitude as she pursues activities such as hiking, walking, horseback riding, snowboarding and - her new love - playing sled hockey with the Nashville Predator Sled Hockey Team.


Stephanie had previously been living in a home where stairs were dangerous obstacles, showering a perilous task, and the absence of other accessible features could lead to further injuries and daily difficulties for an amputee. Her new home is 100-percent accessible and tailored specifically to accommodate her injuries, and includes adaptations which make it easier for her to live her daily life in safety and comfort.


The home for SGT Vazquez is a continuation of the strong collaboration between Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors and the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (UBC) nationwide, and for this project in Tennessee, the UBC’s Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council. The foundation is currently building three additional homes across the country with the help of the UBC.


“We can’t thank our contractor partners at the Vega Corporation enough for their hard work and dedication on this project,” said Victor White, Director of the Southeastern Carpenters. White represented the carpenters union at the ceremony, along with Nashville Local 223 Business Representatives Richie Brandon and Matt Boner.


“Our partnership with the Union nationwide is what allows us to have the reach that we do, we are able to build anywhere with their support.

This is important work and I can’t thank all of our partners enough, allowing us to give this home away, this close to the Holiday, is really a blessing” said Jared Allen.

Here's a video of the ceremony, where Jared Allen and others present Sgt. Vazquez with her new home:


ABOUT Sergeant Stephanie Vazquez: 

Stephanie Vazquez, born in Charlottesville VA, was raised by her parents along with her four brothers in Williamstown West Virginia. She moved to Oceanside, CA in October of 2005 when she enlisted in the Army. A single mother, Stephanie joined the service hoping to be able to provide and support her small family, but quickly became extremely dedicated to the military and showed great promise. Seven years into her service she was handpicked by the Commander and Sergeant Major of the Battalion to be the NCOIC of the BN FET (Female engagement team). She deployed overseas to attend the first Female engagement team school in Baghram, Afghanistan, where her life would be forever changed. Three weeks before her team would be returning to the USA, she was on a routine patrol when the unit started taking small arms fire, RPGs, and mortar rounds. It was during this fire fight that Stephanie sustained the critical injuries that she is still dealing with today. Once back home, she began her long road to recovery and underwent 18 surgeries on her lower left leg as well as three spinal cord surgeries. Unfortunately, the surgeries to salvage her leg were unsuccessful and the decision was made to amputate. Stephanie is determined to not let her injuries define her and will “never let the enemy win.” Since the loss of her leg she has relearned how to run, horseback ride, snowboard, hike, and swim. She has also found a new love, sled hockey, and plays for the Nashville Predators Sled Hockey Team.   



Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors is a non-profit organization created for the sole purpose of raising money to build or modify homes for America’s injured Military Veterans. Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors was established in October of 2009 after NFL Star, Jared Allen returned home from a trip to the US Military Bases in the Middle East.  Jared was moved by the commitment, dedication and sacrifices that our soldiers make every day to protect our freedom.  It is Jared’s hope that this foundation will help make the lives of wounded vets a little bit easier. Since its inception JAH4WW has completed 18 homes with 6 homes currently under construction in Florida, New York, North Carolina, Texas, Michigan and California. For more information please visit:


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