Southeastern Carpenters



SECRC Bolsters Its Staff to Meet Member and Contractor Needs

In response to a growing membership and plentiful work opportunities, the Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council is proud to announce the addition of four outstanding members who have become Council Representatives.


·      Billy McCall, Local 50, Knoxville, Tennessee

·      Richie Brandon, Local 223, Nashville, Tennessee

·      Daniel Hicks, Local 225, Atlanta, Georgia

·      Jeremy Tallent, Local 345, Memphis, Tennessee


Billy McCall, Local 50

Billy McCall is a 24-year member of Knoxville Tennessee’s Local Union 50, and comes from a strong union family. “I made it a point, after serving my country for four years in the Navy Search and Rescue division, to dive into my career as a Union carpenter.” 

Billy has served as foreman, general foreman, and job steward on multiple different jobs. His skill specialties include formwork and gang forms.  As a Council Rep for Local 50, Billy has many plans:

“First and foremost, I aim to make our Local a stronger brotherhood. I will get to know each member and their goals within their career in the Union. Growing our Local is another goal. I am a firm believer that there is strength in numbers. By bringing in new members and showing them the benefits of being a Union carpenter, our Union will strengthen in multiple ways,” McCall said.

“I have experienced firsthand the goodness of a thriving Union. A thriving Union caused my own family, along with my brothers and sisters within the Union, to prosper. In reciprocation, the Union is strengthened again. A strong Union creates an even stronger America.”


Richie Brandon, Local 223

Richie Brandon is a 20-year member of Nashville’s Local 223. During that time, he has earned the position of delegate and trustee. He also is a graduate of the UBC’s 300 Heavy Hitter and 212 Next Level leadership programs, as well as the foreman and steward training programs. 

His skill specialties include scaffolding, concrete form work, trim work, and exterior finish systems. Within his Local, Richie is a long-time member of the steward and safety committee and has chaired the volunteer organizing committee.

“I am very proud to be a Council Representative for the SECRC’s Local 223,” Brandon said. “My focus as your Council Rep is to always put the members first. I will build relationships with contractors through communication and persistence and grow the brotherhood by promoting prosperity throughout the Council.”



Dan Hicks, Local 225

Daniel Hicks has made the most of his near decade of service in the UBC. He completed Journeyman Leadership (300-Hitter) and Next Level Leader (212) programs. 

His specialty skills include scaffolding, form work, general carpentry and wood-working. As a Council Rep for Local 225 in Atlanta, Dan will focus on new member recruitment, building relationships with contractors and aggressively developing new signatory contractors to create more work for members.

“I look forward to building the membership of our Local with qualified workers,” Hicks said. “I also hope to educate members so that they will have the knowledge to share with other members. When we all work together for the UBC, we will all benefit from a better market share, and a talented work force for the future.”


Jeremy Tallent, Local 345

Jeremy Tallent is a four-year member of Local 345 in Memphis and has maximized his time to become trained and ready to serve as a Council Representative. He has served as Conductor and Recording Secretary and is currently a council delegate and financial secretary for his Local. He also is a graduate of the UBC’s Journeyman Leadership (300-Hitter) program.

Jeremy’s skills include trim work, cabinetry, doors and hardware, flooring, and fixture installation.

“As a Council Representative, I will focus on building stronger relationships with contractors and the community to help build a stronger Union presence in Memphis and throughout the SECRC,” Tallent said. “It’s my goal to help build a stronger and more prosperous UBC for current and future members.”