Southeastern Carpenters



Starting Something Great with Southern SIBs!

10 leaders from Locals around the Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council came together to take the initial steps in creating a first-rate, Council Wide Sisters in the Brotherhood Program. The meeting resulted in a great foundation for how the SIB program will operate, grow at the Local level, and become a crucial asset to the Council.

Pictured, left to right, are: Kim Hamner, Local 1209; Brett Hulme, Council Communications & Political Director; Angela Edenfield, Local 256; Cheri Hill, Local 223; Elisha Montanez, Local 345; Tom Jenkins, Council Executive Secretary-Treasurer; Julie Sharp, Local 50; Sarah Messer, Local 74; Michale Eagle, Local 223; Jessica Tollison, Local 283; Tammy Tatum, Local 225; and Shaunta Adams, Local 318.

Well done, everyone!