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TVA Kingston Completes Successful Outage Thanks to Great Work from Local 50 Carpenters

Local 50 carpenters have turned in more excellent work product at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Kingston Fossil Plant.

“Thank you and your members for your contributions to yet another safe and successful outage season here at TVA Kingston Fossil. We are extremely grateful for the hard work and dedication to working safe,” per a project official’s email to Council leadership.

The last of three planned Spring outages was released on June 1, marking an outage season that finished on budget, according to schedule, and with zero recordable injuries in 2,391 days of work.

TVA’s Kingston Fossil Plant is one of the largest coal-burning power plants in the world, located on Watts Bar Reservoir on the Tennessee River near Kingston, Tenn. Kingston’s nine units can generate approximately 10 billion kilowatt-hours a year, which is enough electricity to power approximately 700,000 homes.

Great work, everyone!