Southeastern Carpenters



Taking Our Tax Fraud Message to the Street

Representing you - a member of the Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council - also means fighting against threats that steal work from you. That's what we did recently on the streets of Atlanta and Nashville. Take a look:

Tax Fraud steals a full $8.4 billion (with a "B") dollars every year from Americans. Labor brokers are at the heart of the scheme and as a result, workers are paid off the books or misclassified as independent contractors so contractors skip paying the same taxes all of us pay as part of our jobs.

It's stealing money from our local, state and federal tax rolls. It's stealing work from contractors who follow the law. It's putting good hard-working carpenters in danger. It needs to stop.

Recently, the Southeastern Regional Council of Carpenters took the fight to the streets of Atlanta and Nashville for a public awareness campaign. In the three bannering actions, the goal was to educate about how Tax Fraud is accomplished through the misclassification of workers. We focused on job sites of a contractor with a history of misclassifying workers, who accepted $4.23 million in federal COVID-19 relief PPP loans.

Visit for much more information about this terrible epidemic.