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Two Pillars of the Southern Skilled Trades Training Industry Retire

The coveted, high-end skills of a union carpenter, millwright, and pile driver are developed through years of training. The professionals responsible for administering that training are, themselves, a living library of technical skills, curriculum development and program delivery.

The Southern District of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters consistently provides contractors with craftsmen who excel as leaders on hundreds of job sites throughout the District’s 11-state region. Six of those states are covered by two training programs, administered by professionals who each run aggressive programs that train and support thousands of apprentices and journeymen every year.

After years of service, the leaders of these two training programs recently retired.

Dickie Bone steered operations for almost two decades as Director of the Southeastern Carpenters Training Trust Fund. This program’s network of training centers and instructors covers Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Jimmy Hulsey, Director of the Mid-South Carpenters Training Trust Fund for more than a decade, oversaw another network of training centers and training staff that services Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi.

Both Bone and Hulsey – themselves long-time successful professionals who made a name for themselves in the field – each leave their programs in excellent shape and ready for their successors to pick up the ball without missing a beat. 

During their time as training directors, Bone and Hulsey teamed with other training departments within the Southern District to develop localized programs and implement national training initiatives. Every move is meant to meet the needs of union employers as technologies and methodologies evolve on the jobsite. Just some of their projects include:

·       Coupling and bearing training to supplement skills required in pulp and paper plants

·       Hydroelectric turbine training to support needs with the 29 hydroelectric dams in the Southern District

·       Conveyor and monorail training to meet the needs of auto manufacturing plants

Their excellent work and passion for training an elite workforce is recognized among their peers. Bill Irwin, Executive Director of the UBC’s International Training Fund, worked with both men for a number of years. “Both of them served with distinction as training directors and as members of our national advisory group. Both were always willing to help. It will be large shoes to fill to replace their knowledge and dedication,” Irwin said.

Looking Back on Legendary Careers

One of the highlights of Jimmy Hulsey’s career, he says, was serving as chairman of the Southern States Apprenticeship Contest for several years. The program required the orchestration of many moving parts, but Hulsey handled the task well. In recognition, his fellow training directors awarded him with the Santiago award. “Santiago” refers to the Hemingway book about the old man who taught the young boy to be a fisherman. “This award means a lot to me,” Hulsey said. Read Jimmy’s personal note about his retirement by clicking here.

Dickie Bone is confident that he achieved his goal of training the next generation of construction leaders by creating multiple curriculums that help members achieve the most out of their apprenticeships. “My proudest moment in the Brotherhood comes from being the Director of Training and Education, which gave me the opportunity to ensure that we provide high quality members.”  Read Dickie’s personal note about his retirement by clicking here.

A Fond Tribute

At its recent District meeting, UBC Southern District Vice President Dennis Donahou honored both men.

“Dickie Bone and Jimmy Hulsey both exemplify the very best the UBC has to offer. Their dedication to training has reached thousands of apprentices and Journeymen UBC members and prepared them to be the best trained workforce in this ever-changing industry,” Donahou said. “I will miss their leadership and, even more, I will miss the personal relationship we enjoyed. I sincerely wish them both a very long and happy, well-deserved retirement.”

The Executive Secretary-Treasurers (EST) of the Southern District’s four councils also honored the two men. The ESTs presented Dickie Bone with a duck hunting gear package, and Jimmy Hulsey with a fishing gear package. Shown here with the two training directors are (left to right): Southern States Millwright Regional Council EST Wayne Jennings, Florida Carpenters Regional Council EST James Banks, Jimmy Hulsey, UBC Southern District Vice President Dennis Donahou, Dickie Bone, Southeastern Carpenters Regional Council EST Tom Jenkins, and Central South Carpenters Regional Council EST Jason Engels.

Assuming the Torch

Continuing the legacies of Bone and Hulsey are two dynamic training leaders. Shon Douglas replaces Dickie Bone as Southeastern Carpenters Training Trust Fund Director. Greg Williams replaces Jimmy Hulsey as the Director of the Mid-South Carpenters Training Trust Fund.

“I know I have legendary shoes to fill,” Douglas said, “but Dickie laid a foundation that will serve us well into the future and I look forward to building on what he established.”

“You don’t replace a Jimmy Hulsey, you simply work hard to keep up with the standard he set,” Williams said. “We have a great program because of him and it’s my honor to keep advancing his vision to train our members to be the best in the construction industry”

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